* Travel / Design : Drink More Rum! Lyon Distilling Co. / Saint Michaels, Maryland //

* Took an awesome summer road trip to Saint Michaels, Maryland to visit long time patron Lyon Distilling Co. Enjoyed doing “research” drinking lots of rum cocktails, eating tons of crab and sailing out to catch the Chesapeake Bay Log Canoe Races. Also spent time touring the distillery and photographing recently designed new products. Jaime Windon owner and her sister Jessi, as well as, the rest of the knowledgable, fine folks at Lyon Distilling Co. were a joy to spend time with. They’re a hard-working, passionate bunch doing some amazing, innovative distilling. I’m honored to be part of the team working with them since the beginning creating all of the branding through six years of growth. Stop by for a visit and pick up some spirits if you ever find yourself on the Eastern Shore //

1. Lyon Distilling Co., Saint Michaels, Maryland, The Old Mill
2–3. Lyon Distilling Co., Saint Michaels, Maryland
4. LDC Coffee Rum Liqueur, Rock & Rum design Funnel : Eric Kass
5. Lyon Distilling Co., Tasting Room
6. LDC CuraƧao design Funnel : Eric Kass
7. LDC 50ml liqueur labels / barrel head logo design Funnel : Eric Kass
8. Chesapeake Bay Log Canoe Races
9. Saint Michaels, Maryland Post Office
10 –13. Ticklers Crab Shack, Tilghman Island, Maryland
14. Foxy’s Harbor Grille, Saint Michaels, Maryland