* Travel : Pittsburgh Pilgrimage to The Warhol //

* Weekend road trip to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to explore the city, catch a Pirates game and visit a shrine to one of the biggest influences in my life and work : The Andy Warhol Museum. "I like to be the right thing in the wrong space and the wrong thing in the right space" _A. Warhol //


* Published : Branding Distilled – A Guide to Package Design for Craft Spirits //

* Pleased to have my branding / package design for Lyon Distilling Co. featured in the book Branding : Distilled – A Guide to Package Design for Craft Spirits. I do however wish they would have gotten my company name correct in the credits. I am Funnel : Eric Kass or Funnel : The Fine Commercial Art Practice of Eric Kass not Funnel Design Group as listed - that is an entirely different organization. Much gratitude to my great friends / patrons Ben Lyon and Jaime Windon founders of Lyon Distilling Co. for the opportunity to tell their story //