* Travel : American Sign Museum //

* Finally visited the amazing American Sign Museum the last time I was in Cincinnati, Ohio and was overwhelmed with the awesome collection. Shot at ton of photos and a video to share with everyone but highly recommend you go check it out in person... historical, educational and simply beautiful. Really appreciate that they are rescuing and resurrecting these expertly crafted works of sign art preserving and protecting them for us all. See a few more photos and the video at Ephemerotica.com where I share my personal collection of vintage inspiration for folks with a passion for printing, typography, design and history //


* Travel : Willet Distillery Barrel Tasting //

* Took a short drive down I-65 to Bardstown, Kentucky to meet my patron from Houston, Texas – Indianola Distilling Co. and friends who were in town doing distillery tours and tastings. Really enjoyed the warming experience going barrel to barrel sipping a variety of astounding small batch whiskeys in the brisk rickhouses of Willet Distillery with some folks who really know their stuff. Fantastic information and inspiration for all of the distillery branding and packaging that’s happening in the Funnel : Eric Kass studio//


* Published : Moo Blog — Inspiration Article //

* pleased to have my new Funnel : Eric Kass branding and work for Forget Computers, So Good Mojo Co. , Lyon Distilling Company, Waxing Kara Honey House featured in an article on the moo.com blog // Full Article » For these 3 Designers, Fonts Come First