* Funnel : Eric Kass Studio Hideaway //

* collaborating with patrons worldwide, with Toby the wooly cockapoo, from an eclectic-mid-century-modern-infused-Midwestern-hideaway, south of Broad Ripple Village ( SoBro ), snug in the historic, densely wooded, Meridian-Kessler neighborhood of Indianapolis, Indiana, U.S.A.// ( photos : Eric Kass unless otherwise noted ) 

 1. Falls City molded foam beer sign I've had since I was a kid 
2. College Court Condos courtyard ( photo details : 1928 College Park Apts - Bass Photo Collection / original non-working Dictograph transmitter in lobby ) 
3. Me & Mr. Toberson head of HR with part of my vintage books and objects collection and my drawings on the back wall ( photo : Stacy Newgent ) 
4. Work station with desk I made, vintage girl scout flag and original 1968 Robert Indiana The German Love limited edition serigraph
5. Stack of 55+ books I have work published in + Evel Knievel giant puzzle poster I got in 1972 and one of my paintings ( photo : Stacy Newgent ) 
6. Uturn turntable spinning Within & Without by Washed Out 
7. Succulents still thriving with Jonathan Adler vases 
8. Branded antique blasting caps wood box from the farm where I grew up and found explosives metal sign