* Travel : Haunted Hotels and the Red Falcon //

* this October I traveled to San Francisco for a week on business staying at the Opal Hotel in the Tenderloin which is listed on a site called Haunted California - the rest of the week I roamed the city in search of inspiration, caffeine and WIFI (also had a great meeting with a gluten-free cracker company start-up who serendipitously contacted me during our stay ) over the weekend I visited Groveland, an old mining town just outside of Yosemite National Park and stayed at the Hotel Charlotte which was rumored to have an active spirit that failed to visit - finished up the trip with lunch at Google HQ - all and all it was an amazing trip from midnight star gazing on the hood of a rental car overlooking a remote space black gorge outside Yosemite to gorging on delicious Google gourmet lunches to sharing hotels with ghouls // * photos : Eric Kass